The manual coping with Corona Virus Infectious Disease-19

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As the number of confirmed case has been increasing every day after the first patient of Corona Virus infectious disease-19 was reported (Jan. 20), Korean government has upgraded the existing crisis warning stage to the serious stage (Feb. 24) since the circumstances of the community spreading were confirmed, C&C Solution Co., Ltd. has made and implemented the following countermeasure manual to prevent and block the spread of Corona Virus infectious disease-19.

In addition, measuring body temperature and wearing a face mask are mandatory when entering the company (for all visitors). Your cooperation in this regard would be appreciated.
Thank you.

- Note –
Corona Virus Infectious Disease-19 countermeasure manual of C&C Solution
C&C Solution Co., Ltd. operates in three stages such as prevention (2), diagnosis (3) and treatment (2), and the management period is determined in consultation with the public institutions (Ministry of Employment and Labor, and Busan Metropolitan City). The management authority is Business Management Center, and the final approval is designated to Director Seong-Min Hong.

1. Prevention (Disinfection cleaning, measuring body temperature, disinfectant and the operation of waiting period for overseas visitors)
Disinfection cleaning: All people, every Friday (17:00), disinfection cleaning inside the office
Disinfectant: When you go to work or enter the office from outside, be sure to use hand sanitizer.
Going to work: Staffs should measure body temperature when or before going to work, and if the temperature is 37.5℃ or higher, entry is restricted.
Overseas stay: Executives and staffs who stayed in overseas countries should return to the company after the self-quarantine for 14 days.
(The period of self-quarantine is superseded by home working.)

2. Diagnosis and treatment (Actively coping with employees’ safety and government policies)
Staffs should measure the body temperature everyday when going to work. In case that body temperature is 37.5℃ or higher, the staff must visit a hospital nearby to measure it again.
If body temperature is lower than 37.5℃ as a result of re-measurement, the staff should wear a face mask at work. If body temperature is 37.5℃ or higher, the staff should get Corona Virus test according to the doctor’s opinion.
In case that the test result is negative after the self-quarantine for 2 days, the staff should go to work immediately, and the period is considered as 2 days annual leave. If the test result is positive, the staff must follow the measures of Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the quarantine period is to be considered as the paid leave.
※ In case of coughing and vomiting, proceed according to the opinion of the doctor.

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